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Reminder notes: 


Defensive substitutions may occur at any point in the inning/the game, subject to time called by the umpire.  Primarily since we are batting continuous and the minimum play requirement is 1 AB, then there is no required substitution rule (and we don't use 9-man lineups like in Middle School).  Each player is automatically assumed to meet minimum play requirements therefore free defensive substitutions are allowed.

The 5 run maximum is in effect during the Fall.  The "last declared" inning is unlimited in addition to the 7th and beyond.   In the Fall, ties are allowed if you have reached your drop dead time limit.

In the Fall, teams may play with 8 players, may use call up players to bring them up to 9, or in cases where it works out may borrow an additional player from the other team to play OF.



Parent/Coach timeline for planning purposes:

  1. Games:  Regular season games will be played on Wednesday nights at 630PM and Saturday morning/afternoon (10AM or 1PM).  I have attempted to create an equal distribution of home and away games.
    1. Please note that Franklin Park games start at 6PM due to local curfew.
  2. First games are scheduled for Wednesday and final regular season games are scheduled through late October.   The plan will be to have playoff games in early November.
  3. Game length; games are 7 innings for those moving up from Little League.  Time limits no new inning after 2:15 and a hard stop at 2:45.
  4. Locations for games will be in Sterling, Ashburn, South Riding, Purcelville, and Leesburg.  Field addresses are located on the District 16 website (link is under “Fields”)-  District 16 Middle School and Juniors (leagueathletics.com)
  5. Bats; Players may use USA and BBCOR stamped composite barrel bats per Little League International

by posted 09/25/2023
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Field Status
Bolen 3 - Leesburg TBD (9/28) 
Bolen 7 - Leesburg TBD (9/28) 
Brambleton 6 - Ashburn TBD (9/28) 
Byrnes Ridge - South Riding TBD (9/28) 
Claude Moore 5 - Sterling TBD (9/28) 
Firemans Field - Purcellville TBD (9/28) 
Firemans Field - Purcellville TBD (9/28) 
Franklin Park 4 - Purcellville TBD (9/28) 
Franklin Park 5 - Purcellville TBD (9/28) 
Hal/Berni Hanson Park #9 - Aldie TBD (9/28) 
Moorefield Station 3 - Ashburn TBD (9/28) 
Tillett1 - Ashburn TBD (9/28) 
Tillett3 - Ashburn TBD (9/28) 
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